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Our life has become active, digital and advanced today. Everything we are using is portable and handy. This feature of portability has become very important foundation for our day to day life. Then why are we stuck with the age old water geyser which occupies large amount of space, consumes lot of electricity, is not portable and gives us shock every time??

The answer for all this problems is INSTANT PORTABLE GEYSER that is super easy and instant to use. It provides hot water in just few seconds and comes with additional features that make it a high rated and star product. Its awesome features include:

  • INSTANT PORTABLE GEYSER is completely portable and handy
  • It’s shockproof and rust proof
  • It’s instant and we need not wait for water to heat up
  • It’s energy saving and works with low current consumption
  • Attractive Poly Propylene Plastic body
  • It’s compact and can be fixed anywhere
  • It’s affordable and budget friendly
  • It can transported anywhere throughout the globe without any hassle
  • It’s automatic and has thermal cut off feature

On top of it, its certified with ISI and other approved trademarks that make it safe for usage. Its usage is simple, and does not require electrician or plumber to fix things. It’s simple connectivity works with 16 amp socket, without requirement of any input or output pipelines. It’s completely suitable for the kitchen, hospitals, beauty parlours, lodge, hotels and bathroom requirements. INSTANT PORTABLE GEYSER

We also provide you extended warranty of 2 years and give you the guarantee of satisfaction. Give it a try and we are sure, you will love to take it for your near and dear ones.