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Green Multi solutions specializes in commercial, residential and public sector turnkey, grid-connected solar electric systems, off-grid systems, solar water heaters, solar street lights, solar fencing , solar PV panels, custom design projects & training. Green Multi solutions is committed to manufacture and supply highest quality products.

We understand our work, we are well oriented and dedicated to our goals and objectives. With expertise management and staff that has endured the highest standards of training in solar products manufacturing sector, we hope to move a very long move ahead. Our dedicated presence in the industry has provided us with the knowledge, experience and analytical tools to calculate system production and financial payback. We believe that every success is the perfect amalgamation of the experience and technology , thus we live no stone unturned to maintain our manufacturing and processing technology to the market standards. We ensure that we deliver the best to our clients and provide the quality with performance.Our products are tested in highly tough environment and experimented upon several times before releasing it into the market.


We want to bring in a healthy revolution in the field of solar products manufacturing and raise the standards for every competitor timely, so that the customer gets the best

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To fuse solar with the latest technology.

To maintain quality and performance.

To maintain the satisfaction of every customer.

Solar Fuel Stations

The rise in electricity costs from the grid is incumbent with the rise of the cost of non-renewable energy sources in the near future. The rise in electricity and fuel costs is going to put excessive pressure on businesses like petrol pumps. The only solution to combat this high rise in fuel and electricity costs is to adopt renewable sources of power like solar.

A petrol pump can easily derive power from solar and enjoy the following benefits:

Huge reduction in hefty electricity bills – Adoption of solar system for energy usage shall help the petrol pump in reducing hefty electricity bills. The petrol pump shall also save money during peak hours when the electricity is charged at a higher rate

Quick and higher ROI - The solar package provides greater Returns on Investment (ROI) to the petrol pump owner. It reduces his dependency on the Diesel Generator Set, thus increasing profits by reducing operational and fuel costs

Govt. subsidy on solar installation – The Indian government gives 30% subsidy on solar installation so the initial cost of the solar solution goes down marginally Tax benefits - Investment in solar helps in saving tax as one can enjoy the benefits of accelerated depreciation

Easy option of Grid tie solar systems that eliminate the use of batteries – Since most petrol pumps offer only day time operations, grid tie solar systems become easy options for these pumps. The grid tie systems offer 98% efficiency in deriving solar power and eliminate the use of batteries completely thereby saving space and costs

Eco friendly - Unlike conventional energy fuel, solar power package solution doesn’t emit any gases or leave any residues, thereby contributing to a greener environment and reducing one’s carbon footprint

No extra space required for the system - A solar system’s panels require open space at the pump to be installed. Only the PCU/inverter and batteries (in case of off grid systems) require storage space.

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